Real Estate Law

Thomas F. Nowland, Real Estate law offices, Nowland Law.

Before Attorney Thomas F. Nowland (Principal at Nowland Law) began his law career, he ran a successful construction contracting firm. His passion for Construction law has been around for longer than he has represented other clients in Construction & Real Estate Issues. This puts Nowland Law in a unique position to understand the complex variety of issues and angles to consider. Our firm will work with you to understand your issue, advise on the best course of action, and represent your company on complex and serious disputes.
Our experience has given a solid foundation of understanding in the following practice areas:



Homeowners Associations
Construction Defect Claims
Commercial Leases
Tenant Improvements
Entitlements/Conditional Use Permits & Zoning
Insurance Disputes
Building Department Issues

Enforcement of Mechanics Liens

Purchase Agreements & Disputes
Broker Misrepresentation & Fraud
Commercial Mortgage Modification

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